Thank Yous

Thank You!

We thank our social workers and school nurses for taking the time and energy to place and deliver clothing packages to our vulnerable population of children. Without your time and efforts, our children in need would not receive clothing packages that we hope not only make them feel good, but help them to go to school prepared to learn, feel valued members of our community, and help them to rise above the difficult circumstances of their lives.

We also love thank you notes!

Every time we get a thank you, we share it with our wonderful volunteers and donors, and also with the community at large. Very often, friends and neighbors have little to no idea of the daily struggles many in our community face each day. Every time we can share a story, we bring awareness, compassion, and hopefully a willing and helping hand to these children and their families.

Christmas in September

Thank you so, so, much for the clothing for the five year old.  Needless to say, she looked like it was Christmas in September…..

“I actually have a choice as to what to wear tomorrow to school.”

First, I can’t thank you enough for the clothing for the G.E. girl.  When she saw all of the clothes she was ecstatic – then she saw the Hollister shirt and said “I’m loving life right now.”  She tried EVERYTHING on, and she and her mother were so, so, so, happy – it made my day…..thank you, thank you. As I was leaving she said “I actually have a choice as to what to wear tomorrow to school.”

She and her grandmother were in tears

You have no idea…I can’t even put it into words about the clothing for the little ten year old girl, S.I.  She and her grandmother were in tears, and I tried not to be, but it was hard…they were so, so, happy with the clothes….she looked at the tags, and said, “Cameo, these are new clothes.”  I didn’t know what to say, I told her that she deserved to have new clothes, and her grandmother just kept on thanking me…..amazing, amazing.

The smile on her face was priceless

This child, AE, is the only girl in a family of boys.  She loves “girly” things and things that sparkle.
She was so sad when I met with her last as she had to wear her brother’s clothes which were very boyish.
What a wonderful service you provide for the community.


A couple of weeks ago, I picked up clothing for a little girl (AE).  I just wanted to let you know how thrilled she was with the clothing, shoes and books.  It was a huge help to her parents and a huge boost for her.

When I arrived with the bags, she immediately spotted the skirts and the shoes.  She was SO happy to find a pair of “mary jane” style dress shoes in the bag.  She immediately asked her mother if she could put on the shoes.  She put on these shoes and began to dance around her living room.  She then ran outside to show her friends her new shoes and began to dance in the driveway.  The smile on her face was priceless. I have never seen her as happy as she was in that moment.

Thanks so much for making this possible.  Your program is such a wonderful resource for our community and is greatly appreciated!

Make a dollar stretch

Every day at least one of my kids are wearing something that you gave us. In this economy everyone is trying to make a dollar stretch. You have no idea how much of a help you are.

He smiles with every step

The families were all very grateful, one little 4 year old boy has thanked me everyday for his sneakers……so cute!  I don’t know who your donors are, but please let them know (as well as all of you!) their donations have made one little boy smile with every step.

“Cool” clothes!

I just received a call from my supervisor, last night on the way home, about the clothes that she had picked up for one of her clients.  She could NOT believe how wonderful the clothes were, and how much the little boy LOVED the clothes – he thought they were so “cool”…as you know, most of our kids don’t have cool clothes, but thanks to all of you – now they do, possibly for the first time in their lives…

My angels at work

Well, you did it again….amazing, amazing.  The little boy couldn’t believe the clothes, he said it was like Christmas in October.  He was so, so, excited – and said that -one of the shirts, that “everyone has one of these shirts, in school, but me.”  Thank you, thank you – he is writing you a thank you note…….You all are my angels at work…thank you again..