How it Works

Who We Serve


Katelynn’s Closet serves children ages 4-18 who are deemed in need and live on Cape Cod (Wareham-Sagamore) and the Islands. All orders for children in need must be placed by a social service agent or a school nurse. Katelynn’s Closet does not respond to requests for clothing from family members or the general public. All emails must be sent through a verifiable agency/school email. We also serve fire victims, with requests coming from the fire department. View a list of our Distribution Partners.

How We Work

Katelynn’s Closet is distribution based, with social workers and school nurses assessing the child in need, then placing an order with Katelynn’s Closet. The social worker or school nurse provides the child’s age, size, initials, and any special request items like a winter jacket, swimsuit or footwear. The social worker then picks up the clothing order at our warehouse and delivers to the child in need. At no time does Katelynn’s Closet assess need, nor do we know the identities of the children we serve.

Our Clothing Packages

After placing an order and receiving a message that the order is ready, social workers/school nurses pick up a week’s worth of new and gently used clothing, packaged in beautiful reusable bags hand-sewn by women all over the Cape. We are forever grateful to the Bayberry Quilters, who provide a large quantity of the bags needed.  These bags allow our homeless and foster children to travel with dignity and we are grateful to the many women who make these bags possible.

All clothing packages include 3 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 sweater, 3 new underwear, 3 new pairs of socks, pajamas, new pair of sneakers, an age appropriate book, and a Katelynn’s Closet Kindness Card. We accept gently used clothing in sizes 4-18/20. At times, when demand is heavy, our clothing orders may be abbreviated.

Gift Cards and Teen Essentials Bags

At times Katelynn’s Closet will provide a gift card to a social worker for a child that is a teen or wears a size we do not carry. The social worker, or an adult the social worker deems responsible, shops with the child in need. All gift cards are tracked, and the receipt, with social worker’s name and child’s initials on it, must be returned within two weeks. They can be mailed to our mailing address located on our homepage.

We have also started to provide an alternative to the gift card for the teens.  We have a Teen Essentials Bag which features 3 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, a sweatshirt, pajamas and a new pair of sneakers.  Social workers will be presented with the option to order either the gift card or the Teen Essential bag when they place their order.

Special Request Items

Katelynn’s Closet provides special request items if we have them on our shelves. Special request items include holiday/school concert and bathing suits.

Important to Note

It is important to note that Katelynn’s Closet is NOT a source for extra clothing. We only provide clothing to children who would not otherwise have seasonally appropriate clothes and footwear. We help the children whose parents must choose between paying the rent and buying a pair of sneakers, for example. We trust our social workers and school nurses to accurately assess need so that we may serve only those who would otherwise go without.


Katelynn’s Closet Kindness Cards

In an effort to remind our wonderful children that we all have something to give, each clothing package includes a Katelynn’s Closet Kindness Card. This card is in essence a ‘pay it forward’ card. An email address on the card invites the child (or a guardian or social worker) to share the kind act performed. The child can then pass the card along to spread kindness.